The Evangelistic Nature of Evangelos Marinakis

It is possible to question the rare combination of abilities that Evangelos Marinakis holds. He is an ever-busy man. With the kind of businesses, he has invested in, one wonders how he is at the helm of preaching the word. He is known to be an entrepreneur who rose from grass to grace. It did not come overnight though. It has taken him a cool thirty years plus to consolidate what he now calls his.

As an international businessman who has invested in shipping, media, sports and many more, it is humbling to see him put all that aside to serve God. The fascinating character about him is his very humble nature. He attends to all, customers and faithful in his church like real peers.

One is likely to imagine that he is in such a big church with thousands of followers. No. He is an assistant pastor in a small church in Manchester. It takes the hand of God for a man his caliber to serve in such a position when he can put up his church with massive structures. Nevertheless, he serves, and he has errands to do just like any other servant in the church.

One of his significant achievements in the ministry is setting up prayer centers which have served masses in the UK. Marinakis is a prayerful man. He has helped lead the church he serves into a praying church. In Manchester, he is nicknamed “The Galilee of Manchester.” Indeed, out of his busy schedule, he spends the rest of his time in church.

The church he serves is best known for crusades. Evangelos sponsors most of the activities. He has bought trucks that take other evangelists to the field to save souls. The power the campaigns exhumes from the masses is beyond imagination.

There are times when he spends a whole week moving from town to town spreading the word. In most business meetings he is always the one called out to pray. His business identity has wholly taken a transformation to “pastor.” In most dealings, he will have to interject the word in a way or the other. The fun part of it is when he calls out people to give the lives to Christ after business meetings.

The impressive billionaire is a perfect example of how wealth without Christ is vanity. He has a philanthropic nature that no one compares. He is currently running campaigns that make society healthy. He believes no one is safe until everyone is clean. The rehabilitation centers that bare his name are countless.

One wonders how he manages to juggle between business and ministry. What he does, he teaches his employees to trust him. So does he learn to trust them? Trust keeps him comfortable whenever he goes out. He doesn’t look back. He jokes about often, and he says he doesn’t want to turn to a pillar of salt.

He encourages teamwork, just as Jesus taught. He uses a lot of biblical illustrations to enhance the teaching. The truth is, his companies are known to have employees with the best teamwork. Besides, he empowers leadership. More often he takes his teams for training on leadership. Most directors take their staff for benchmarking at Evangelos.

He works day and night to ensure evangelism is his daily bread. The funny part is, he is liberal, you may imagine his investment is run by the saved Christians only. Of course, he minds the character, but at the same time, he does not compromise on quality. He is a sharp, keen and strict businessman you will not want to cross his path.